Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UN Evacuate 100 Muslims from Central Africa

With humanitarian grounds , UN through the UNHCR to evacuate about 100 Muslim residents of Bangui , the capital of the Central African Republic ( RAT ) . According to the news by AFP on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , the residents were taken to Bambari , a town in East Bangui . " Bambari located about 300 kilometers from Bangui , " the official said Bambari , El Hadj Ousmane Abacar ben .

Since a year ago , hit by violence smelling RAT religion . The incident has killed thousands of people .

Meanwhile , UNHCR records show French peacekeepers guarding the residents . The evacuated residents were transported in two trucks . Accompaniment was exposed when throwing stones through the town Sibut . So says a MISCA peacekeepers led by the African Union .

" This is an action to save their lives , done as a last resort after considering long enough about their fate , " said Tammi Sharpe , Deputy Head of the UNHCR in CAT .

He said the Muslims who were evacuated " under constant attack " in the settlements north Bangui PK - 12 , where the current conditions " very tense " .

In Bambari , a town of 45,000 souls Christian majority , said El Hadj ben Abacar Ousmane , the Muslims and Christians can live in peace . " We will not object to welcome others . We do not have a problem with the other party , " he said .

Central African Republic , one of the poorest countries in the world , hit by kriss after a coup by militant Seleka mostly Muslims March last year . After seizing power , a number of rebels committing a crime , murder , pillage , and rape .
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Torture was triggered Christians formed the majority of members of the militia group . They launched a wave of brutal killings that left thousands dead . Today , nearly one million people were displaced . UN warns RAT is on the verge of genocide .


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