Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Animal bones Strewn, He's Largest Voodoo Market

It is one of the biggest supermarket in the world of voodoo . The market is located in the capital of Togo , Lome , is serving the needs of those who practice any kind of black magic .

The goods sold from monkey skull , mummy original bat , to elephantiasis . Inevitably , the smell of rotting animals are pushed to all parts of the market . However , this is what makes a visit to Akodessewa travelers will not soon be forgotten .

A travel agent from Boston , USA , and Mali , the destinations offered in the package travels . The journey through the whole of West Africa which later stopped at this famous market .
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Here , visitors can see a traditional voodoo ceremony , in which a dancer made ​​trance and lost control of his body . Do interesting and exciting !

Most visitors of this market is the practitioner of voodoo . They settled in countries such as Togo , Ghana , and Nigeria , to be very lively voodoo here . They believe that the animal parts and strange talismans can summon spirits along with rituals in which they live to solve various problems .

As if a pharmacy , Akodessewa Fetish Market is located outdoors offers multiplatform animal parts , bones , and herbs to replace the function of conventional treatment . ( ftr )


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