Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MH370 Not Found , Japan Remain Ready Alert

Until now Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 aircraft has not been found . However , Japan will continue to help her search until an undetermined time .

" We will continue to seek to find , and not know how long to continue searching . We could provide aircraft based in Australia , but now has been withdrawn , " said Adjunct Fellow of The Japan Institute of International Affairs ( JIIA ) , Tsutomu Kikuchi , Ph . D , told reporters in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) night .

In addition , Japan also help search missing aircraft since March 8, 2014 and is via satellite . They also had a chance to get some information regarding debris suspected that fateful plane .
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" We are getting some information that there was a discovery on our satellite debris some time ago . , But we only found through satellite only once , " he added .

In addition , the search effort , for the sake of humanity , Japan was financed entirely himself . Although the search was not known until whenever .

Although Australia has said it will not seek another by air and sea , as well as focusing on the seabed , Japan also pull their boats . But they are ready to assist as needed .

" We could have sent another facility to help search in this multinational . This is a voluntary operation , " he added .


Hundreds of Doctors Depok Follow Seminars Dyspepsia

A total of 100 general practitioners participate in seminars held at the Hall of the Hospital ( RS ) Tugu Ibu , Jalan Raya Bogor Km . 29 Cimanggis , Depok , Saturday ( 26/4 ) .

Seminar on " Latest on Dyspepsia , Procedures and Psychological Factors " that presents two resource persons , namely dr . Syarifuddin Laingky , SpPD and dr . Djarot Sudjatmoko , SpKJ .
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Chief Executive seminat dr . Syaifuddin Zuhri , MARS suggests silaturrahmi seminar aims to establish and improve the current development of science as well dyspepsia management.

'' The goal is to increase knowledge and friendship and activities planned to be held three times a year with a different material , '' explained Syaifuddin .

The general purpose seminar , which is to increase the understanding and knowledge of the latest medical science .

In addition , increasing the harmonious relationship between the doctor or clinic about kindergarten KDP 1 and RS Mother monument .

Participants who attended , he said, came from clinics around the Tugu Ibu Hospital and especially Jakarta East Jakarta .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hundreds Developers Create Applications to Jakarta

Located at Harris , numbers Tebet , Jakarta , more than a hundred people gathered together developers .

They are the participants in the competition making application Hackathon Jakarta ( # hackjak ) held by Jakarta Provincial Government and Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative ( SEATTI ) , in cooperation with the Daily Social and World Wide Web Foundation .
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On Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) at 11:00 pm , # hackjak officially rolling . A total of 120 out of a total of 200 registered participants were present at the site . Others there are who follow events from afar .

" By late afternoon , we expect even more participants will come to join with their colleagues before the deadline on Sunday tomorrow , " said Grace of Daily Social Harlyadi when met at the sidelines of the

Event # hackjak itself invites developers to create applications or web-based services related to public transport systems monitoring and Jakarta government budget for 2014.

Applications are made ​​utilizing open access to two types of Open Data is data that is provided by the public transport route ( including the Busway corridor 5-8 ) and the data in 2014 city budget .

Oik Joseph / KompasTekno
Approximately two hundred developers present in Jakarta Hackathon 2014 in Harris , Tebet , South Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
The organizers are targeting will create 20 applications . Of these 10 best applications will be selected , and then filtered again into 4 main winners will be rewarded a prize money worth more than Rp . 50 million .

In addition , the Jakarta government also provides additional gift in the form of 2 units of MacBook Pro laptop for work that is considered successful completion incorporates many challenges at once .

For the data category in 2014 city budget , the challenges are, among others, include public awareness and education about the activities and programs the city in 2014, and the making of an early warning system to increase budget expenditures .

As for public transportation route data category also includes tourism information and reporting of public transport through social media . The main requirement to be met is a mobile friendly and easy to use aliases used by the gadget user on the go .

Deputy Governor of DKI field Sylviana Pure Culture and Tourism said it hoped the developers to create applications or services which provide information useful to the people of Jakarta , as a matter of transport and route congestion points .

He also wants the application or service that is produced can be used by the public to oversee city government over the provision of public transport and the use of the budget .

" Go ahead and protested corrected if it's necessary , but it should be constructive ... We are very concerned about transparency because it can improve the efficiency of the budget , " said Sylvia .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Wow ! Able to Turn This Powerbank Car Engine

Powerbank not only can extend the ' breath ' phones that run out of battery . Powerbank this one can even be counted on to turn on the engine .

This device does not like POWERBANK in general . Jumpr - device name - has reached 6,000 milliampere currents or 6 times larger than that of the standard iPhone charger or most other smartphones .

As for its voltage is 5V with an output of 2.1 A corresponding to download charging smartphones and tablets .
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To download this POWERBANK jumper with a car battery, so that the problem can not be a starter , JunoPower as pembesutnya been providing special accessories such as jumper cables to connect the two.

As quoted from Digital Trends , Friday ( 04/25/2013 ) , after Jumpr and in - car battery jumper , JunoPower Claiming it only took a few minutes until finally a car battery, can distarter overdrawn again .

Additionally suitable as a smartphone companion , with its advantages , Jumpr seems also suitable for automatic car owners are often haunted by a problem in the battery .

As for the price tag offered to bring POWERBANK JunoPower Jumpr is USD 90 or about USD 1.1 million .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

UN Evacuate 100 Muslims from Central Africa

With humanitarian grounds , UN through the UNHCR to evacuate about 100 Muslim residents of Bangui , the capital of the Central African Republic ( RAT ) . According to the news by AFP on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , the residents were taken to Bambari , a town in East Bangui . " Bambari located about 300 kilometers from Bangui , " the official said Bambari , El Hadj Ousmane Abacar ben .

Since a year ago , hit by violence smelling RAT religion . The incident has killed thousands of people .

Meanwhile , UNHCR records show French peacekeepers guarding the residents . The evacuated residents were transported in two trucks . Accompaniment was exposed when throwing stones through the town Sibut . So says a MISCA peacekeepers led by the African Union .

" This is an action to save their lives , done as a last resort after considering long enough about their fate , " said Tammi Sharpe , Deputy Head of the UNHCR in CAT .

He said the Muslims who were evacuated " under constant attack " in the settlements north Bangui PK - 12 , where the current conditions " very tense " .

In Bambari , a town of 45,000 souls Christian majority , said El Hadj ben Abacar Ousmane , the Muslims and Christians can live in peace . " We will not object to welcome others . We do not have a problem with the other party , " he said .

Central African Republic , one of the poorest countries in the world , hit by kriss after a coup by militant Seleka mostly Muslims March last year . After seizing power , a number of rebels committing a crime , murder , pillage , and rape .
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Torture was triggered Christians formed the majority of members of the militia group . They launched a wave of brutal killings that left thousands dead . Today , nearly one million people were displaced . UN warns RAT is on the verge of genocide .


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Many still approach the Golkar political party

Deputy Secretary General of the Golkar Party Tantowi said today his party is still to approach and communicate with many political parties in the coalition -related discourse Presidential Election of 2014. According to the communication between the parties still looks very fluid with each other .

" Kabul Ijab we will form a coalition with anyone , it was later announced in Rapimnas ( National Leadership Meeting ) . Now the term we still PDKT ( approach ) , fuel -man , passing notes . Tasty Let propose or dipinangnya later , " said Tantowi in Jakarta , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

In a coalition , Golkar , said Tantowi , emphasizes similarities party platform . It is very necessary to run the government later . Golkar coalition expects harmonious because of the similarity measures , and the vision and outlook in building the nation .

" I likens such as weddings . Before getting married right before a merger agreement . Equating first vision , tolerance deficiencies each other first . If so marriage will be lasting . Coalition also like that . Everything we one first . Promises we make the party during the campaign promises and ideals of the coalition , " he added .

Tantowi denied that Golkar moving slow -movement political communication rather than the PDI-P and Gerindra . Although not yet sure Golkar coalition with any party , Tantowi said , it was not inaction .
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" PDI - P 's only one , with Nasdem . Gerindra also a new one that is PPP . Means that there are many other parties who could groom . Now all still liquid between one party to the other party with the party , " said Tantowi .


Speculation Design iPhone 6 : Turn the Apple contek Samsung

One of the most widely discussed topic among tech lovers the world these days is speculation the latest generation of Apple's smartphone design , the iPhone 6 .

widely rumored iPhone 6 will come in two screen sizes larger than previous iPhone generations . Two screen sizes are predicted to be strong carried the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches .

However, a larger screen size than the previous generation iPhone lineup is believed to affect aspects of user comfort . Renowned analyst at KGI Securities , Ming - Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will slightly change the layout of a number of physical buttons on the iPhone 6 .
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Kuo guessed wrong satau physical buttons that will be redesigned by Apple in the iPhone 6 is the power button . If the previous Apple has always positioned power button on the top left of the body , in the latest generation iPhone will likely power button moved to the right side . This was done to facilitate the use of the iPhone 6 with one hand .

In addition , a recent leaked photo revealed by the French site named Nowhereelse.fr also reveal if the iPhone 6 will be equipped with a new button located on the top left of the phone . But unfortunately , it is still not known what the newly added function keys on the Apple iPhone 6 .

A wider screen and a number of physical buttons dialihposisikan Apple seems to indicate compromise to the market demand . Some analysts , as reported by the page Pcauthority judge even begin to emulate Apple Samsung . 4.7 inch screen and the power button on the side of the body is considered analogous to the concept or design of the Galaxy S5 range Android smartphones in general .

It is really ironic , since previously it Samsung is often accused of imitating Apple products . However , until now, Apple did not want to speak about the latest generation smartphone that belongs to them . The new estimated in September 2014 , the company logo ' bitten apple ' iPhone 6 will be officially announced to the public .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Hundreds of Passengers Missing , Victims Families Anxious

Hundreds of Passengers Missing , Victims Families Anxious
ANY can be done in a state of despair . It is currently being felt by families Suwol passenger ferry .

On 16 April 2014 , the bad news should be up to their ears about the sinking Suwol . The ferry was scheduled to deliver 450 passengers to Jeju Island .

However , the desire of hundreds of passengers enjoying the warm sun and the waves in Jeju Island vanished when the ship they were traveling sank before reaching the destination .
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Genesis exacerbated by deaths and hundreds of people are still missing . The loss of hundreds of people who were in Suwol , certainly sways the feelings of the families of passengers .

Feelings of anxiety plated feared could cause a less favorable situation occurs . Anxiety is apparently happening little by little began to arise .

This is evidenced by throwing bottles directed to the Prime Minister ( PM ) Chung Hong -won . The pitcher is a passenger ferry parent families , Sewol , who was angry that his son desperately searching inside the vessel and is still missing .

Not only that , some of which could be called reckless actions also occur in addition to throwing the bottle against Chung . One is the act of renting a boat that carried passengers parents certainty in order to find out the fate of her baby .

Families of passengers who lost their relatives have criticized the rescue operation . What they do they do an emotion that is not consciously go out without their desire .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

KPA: Citizens Awareness Early Detection of HIV-AIDS; still Less

Commission on HIV / AIDS Yogyakarta assess public awareness for the early detection of HIV / AIDS is still lacking . In fact , many people who are not susceptible to contracting the disease also .

" The general public are usually reluctant to make early detection of HIV / AIDS . Awareness for the early detection of many emerging groups at high risk of contracting the disease , " said Secretary of the Commission on HIV / AIDS Yogyakarta , Kaswanto , in Yogyakarta , on Thursday .

According to him , the general public also needs to make early detection of HIV / AIDS because of the cost of the examination has been fully borne by the Government of Yogyakarta City .
Examination or early detection of HIV / AIDS can be done in a number of health centers , namely in health centers and health center Umbulharjo I Gedongtengen , and all hospitals in the city of Yogyakarta .

" Early detection is the prevention of transmission of HIV / AIDS . If there are people who never deviate conduct such risk sex should immediately see to anticipate that the virus does not spread everywhere , " he said .

Kaswanto calls , sexual risk factors in the first rank of transmission of HIV / AIDS in the city of Yogyakarta . Of the 677 cases from 2004 to the end of 2013 , 62 percent of cases are due to known risk sex .
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And of data collection NAC is known that 63 percent of people with HIV / AIDS in the city of Yogyakarta is the male .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Irma Optimistic Democrat Candidates Can stretcher

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Convention welcomes the decision of the Chairman of the Upper House Democrats Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that the convention be continued until the final stages . Irma claims still optimistic Democratic presidential candidate could carry , instead of vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election .

" It all depends on how the Democratic political lobbying and communication with the other party . If it is done well , I 'm sure we can ( stretcher candidates) , " Irma said when contacted Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Irma argues , Democrats still have a high enough bargaining power if you want to form a coalition with other parties . The reason, he said , based on a quick count results of the legislative elections , the Democrats get about 9-10 percent of the vote . According to him , the acquisition is big enough for just less than the top three parties , the PDI - P , Golkar and Gerindra .

"In addition , we also have 11 convention attendees , and all have the potential , just how the combination . Which one of eleven participants were selected and who is selected for the coalition , " said the Chairman of the Council .

However , if later on the results of the Democratic coalition failed to carry the vice presidential candidate and only carry , Irma said they would accept it . "If indeed it is becoming a reality , so we accept . I right consistent from beginning to end , I 'm sure will still continue to follow , " he concluded .

The fate of the Democratic convention into question after it emerged the Democratic vote totals only about 9 percent faster version count . That was far from the threshold requirements as stipulated in the presidential candidacy of the Presidential Election Law , which is 20 percent of the House seats , or 25 percent of valid votes nationwide .
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However , the President decided , the implementation of the convention will continue to produce winners convention . This decision was taken after a meeting held between the Upper House and the Democratic Convention Committee , at the residence of SBY in Cikeas , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night .


Animal bones Strewn, He's Largest Voodoo Market

It is one of the biggest supermarket in the world of voodoo . The market is located in the capital of Togo , Lome , is serving the needs of those who practice any kind of black magic .

The goods sold from monkey skull , mummy original bat , to elephantiasis . Inevitably , the smell of rotting animals are pushed to all parts of the market . However , this is what makes a visit to Akodessewa travelers will not soon be forgotten .

A travel agent from Boston , USA , and Mali , the destinations offered in the package travels . The journey through the whole of West Africa which later stopped at this famous market .
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Here , visitors can see a traditional voodoo ceremony , in which a dancer made ​​trance and lost control of his body . Do interesting and exciting !

Most visitors of this market is the practitioner of voodoo . They settled in countries such as Togo , Ghana , and Nigeria , to be very lively voodoo here . They believe that the animal parts and strange talismans can summon spirits along with rituals in which they live to solve various problems .

As if a pharmacy , Akodessewa Fetish Market is located outdoors offers multiplatform animal parts , bones , and herbs to replace the function of conventional treatment . ( ftr )


Monday, April 14, 2014

Crude Oil "The Heat" as Conflict Ukraine

NEW YORK - Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate ( WTI ) rose to a five-week , due to rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the world's largest energy exporter . Brent premium to WTI widened for the first time in the last seven days .

WTI rose 1.6 per cent in London and 0.3 percent in New York . Russia called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council after security forces clashed with armed groups in the Ukrainian pro - Russian eastern city Slovyansk .

European officials are considering expanding sanctions against Russia over Ukraine , where they say the government in Moscow separatist unrest triggered by the same method used to destabilize and annex the Crimea .

" The situation in Ukraine deteriorated significantly over the weekend , which explains the increase in Brent . Increasing unrest boost trade at this level , " said the director of the futures division at Mizuho Securities USA Inc. , Bob Yawger , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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Brent for May delivery rose $ 1 , 74 to USD109 , 07 per barrel on the London -based ICE Futures Europe . It was the highest close since March 4 . The volume of all futures traded is 27 percent higher than the average of 100 trading days .

While WTI futures for May delivery rose 31 cents to USD104 , 05 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange . It was the highest close since March 3 . The trading volume occurs is 18 percent above the average of 100 trading days .

The output of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) fell in March , for the fifth time in seven months . Saudi Arabia has reserves of crude oil production capacity of 2.75 million barrels per day .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calls from Mobile CoPilot MH370, Before Plane Missing

One report said the co-pilot (kopit) on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has made a call from his cellphone as the plane flew low near Penang on March 8 morning.

"There is a call and have traced that it came from the Main Officers phones Fariq Abdul Hamid," said a source who requested anonymity as quoted by The New Straits Times.

Before the call ended without anyone answering, a telecommunications station in Penang has managed to record the data so that it appears the report.

Malaysian Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, declined to comment when asked by reporters on Saturday (12/4) on the outstanding report.

A report in a local newspaper that has not been able to determine who the person was trying to make a call using a mobile phone Fariq Kopit.
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However, the police have to investigate further on the report as a series in the details of the investigation process.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Telkomsel Strengthen Digital Content

Mobile operator Telkomsel is actively strengthening of digital content through Digital Lifestyle services . This service provides news portal content , music , games , and social media .

" Digital content is very important because in the future people will be awake data and data quality is getting better , " said Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel , Marina Kacaribu , in Jakarta , Thursday, April 10, 2014 .

He went on digital content will also increasingly attached to people's lifestyles . Digital content will always be favored by mobile phone users . Why , people still need entertainment element even when the phone is also used to support the work .

This is in line with the transformation of telecommunications services to telephone and short message data services . " Digital content can not be separated from the broadband , " said Marina .
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Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel consists of a number of products , among others Sky Music , Video 500 , World Games , TemanDev , and Fun Zone . One of the featured content in Digital Lifestyle 500 is a video service that offers video at a rate of $ 500 per video through cutting pulse .

General Manager and Social Media Portal Telkomsel , Trio Yamad G. Lumbantoruan , mention Video 500 as a fairly sophisticated digital content . This content will determine its operation in accordance with the access network . " For instance accessible in 2G network , it will automatically compress , " he said in the same place .

Marina said , through services that Telkomsel would like to provide equal opportunities for feature phone users to access the video . He added that the videos are quite large contribution to the mobile operator data traffic .

In 2013 , Telkomsel and digital data services accounted for 20 percent of total revenue Telkomsel . In 2015 , in line with the growth of data , the target is expected to reach 33 percent . " If this year the target is in between 20-33 percent , " he said .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hundreds of Thousands Innova and Fortuner in ASEAN Troubled!

Only a few hours after Toyota Motor Corporation ( TMC ) announced a recall of 6.4 million cars in the world , twigs Thai business to react immediately . Toyota Motor Thailand announced immediately follow the mass refinement campaign against 206,000 units of Fortuner and Innova due to dysfunction of the air bag ( airbag ) .

In its official statement , as quoted by The Nation ( 09/04/2014 ) , Toyota Thailand said this move is a testament to the company's service on consumer safety , though there has been no bad thing that happened in this matter .

" We insist that the recall , meaning that all consumers are informed to bring their car to the nearest authorized repair shop for inspection and repair . This process does not incur a cost, indicates our responsibility on the product and Toyota is concerned , "said Senior Vice President of Toyota Thailand , Vudhigorn Suriyachantananont .

From Malaysia , Toyota also do the same to the pickup Hilux , Fortuner , Innova and production from 2005 to 2010 . Total unit that is suspected of having reached 82 457 units . The problem is the same , because the airbag dysfunction involves the possibility of twisting the cable broke while vehicle usage .

Local distributors , as reported Paultan ( 04/09/2014 ) , ToyotaMotor UMW Sdn Bhd said , will contact all customers whose car is suspected of having . All vehicles will be inspected and repaired or replaced if proven problematic components , free .

Toyota Motor Philippines ( TMP ) is also immediately announced a similar recall wrap this in a special campaign called " special service campaign " . Toyota business unit in the Philippines is no specific mention of how many units of Innova , Hilux and Fortuner are problematic , but gives the production time period , between November 2004 - June 2010 .
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While in India , Toyota Kirloskar Motor ( TKM ) announced the recall of 44,989 units of Innova assembled in February 2005 until December 2008 with the same problem .