Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hundreds Developers Create Applications to Jakarta

Located at Harris , numbers Tebet , Jakarta , more than a hundred people gathered together developers .

They are the participants in the competition making application Hackathon Jakarta ( # hackjak ) held by Jakarta Provincial Government and Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative ( SEATTI ) , in cooperation with the Daily Social and World Wide Web Foundation .
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On Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) at 11:00 pm , # hackjak officially rolling . A total of 120 out of a total of 200 registered participants were present at the site . Others there are who follow events from afar .

" By late afternoon , we expect even more participants will come to join with their colleagues before the deadline on Sunday tomorrow , " said Grace of Daily Social Harlyadi when met at the sidelines of the

Event # hackjak itself invites developers to create applications or web-based services related to public transport systems monitoring and Jakarta government budget for 2014.

Applications are made ​​utilizing open access to two types of Open Data is data that is provided by the public transport route ( including the Busway corridor 5-8 ) and the data in 2014 city budget .

Oik Joseph / KompasTekno
Approximately two hundred developers present in Jakarta Hackathon 2014 in Harris , Tebet , South Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
The organizers are targeting will create 20 applications . Of these 10 best applications will be selected , and then filtered again into 4 main winners will be rewarded a prize money worth more than Rp . 50 million .

In addition , the Jakarta government also provides additional gift in the form of 2 units of MacBook Pro laptop for work that is considered successful completion incorporates many challenges at once .

For the data category in 2014 city budget , the challenges are, among others, include public awareness and education about the activities and programs the city in 2014, and the making of an early warning system to increase budget expenditures .

As for public transportation route data category also includes tourism information and reporting of public transport through social media . The main requirement to be met is a mobile friendly and easy to use aliases used by the gadget user on the go .

Deputy Governor of DKI field Sylviana Pure Culture and Tourism said it hoped the developers to create applications or services which provide information useful to the people of Jakarta , as a matter of transport and route congestion points .

He also wants the application or service that is produced can be used by the public to oversee city government over the provision of public transport and the use of the budget .

" Go ahead and protested corrected if it's necessary , but it should be constructive ... We are very concerned about transparency because it can improve the efficiency of the budget , " said Sylvia .


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