Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hundreds of Doctors Depok Follow Seminars Dyspepsia

A total of 100 general practitioners participate in seminars held at the Hall of the Hospital ( RS ) Tugu Ibu , Jalan Raya Bogor Km . 29 Cimanggis , Depok , Saturday ( 26/4 ) .

Seminar on " Latest on Dyspepsia , Procedures and Psychological Factors " that presents two resource persons , namely dr . Syarifuddin Laingky , SpPD and dr . Djarot Sudjatmoko , SpKJ .
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Chief Executive seminat dr . Syaifuddin Zuhri , MARS suggests silaturrahmi seminar aims to establish and improve the current development of science as well dyspepsia management.

'' The goal is to increase knowledge and friendship and activities planned to be held three times a year with a different material , '' explained Syaifuddin .

The general purpose seminar , which is to increase the understanding and knowledge of the latest medical science .

In addition , increasing the harmonious relationship between the doctor or clinic about kindergarten KDP 1 and RS Mother monument .

Participants who attended , he said, came from clinics around the Tugu Ibu Hospital and especially Jakarta East Jakarta .


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