Friday, April 18, 2014

Hundreds of Passengers Missing , Victims Families Anxious

Hundreds of Passengers Missing , Victims Families Anxious
ANY can be done in a state of despair . It is currently being felt by families Suwol passenger ferry .

On 16 April 2014 , the bad news should be up to their ears about the sinking Suwol . The ferry was scheduled to deliver 450 passengers to Jeju Island .

However , the desire of hundreds of passengers enjoying the warm sun and the waves in Jeju Island vanished when the ship they were traveling sank before reaching the destination .
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Genesis exacerbated by deaths and hundreds of people are still missing . The loss of hundreds of people who were in Suwol , certainly sways the feelings of the families of passengers .

Feelings of anxiety plated feared could cause a less favorable situation occurs . Anxiety is apparently happening little by little began to arise .

This is evidenced by throwing bottles directed to the Prime Minister ( PM ) Chung Hong -won . The pitcher is a passenger ferry parent families , Sewol , who was angry that his son desperately searching inside the vessel and is still missing .

Not only that , some of which could be called reckless actions also occur in addition to throwing the bottle against Chung . One is the act of renting a boat that carried passengers parents certainty in order to find out the fate of her baby .

Families of passengers who lost their relatives have criticized the rescue operation . What they do they do an emotion that is not consciously go out without their desire .


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