Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DG: Employee Tax-smart Clever Many "resign"

In the middle of difficulty of adding infrastructure employee of the Directorate General of Taxation ( DGT ) , Ministry of Finance , to achieve the target of tax revenue , a tax officer instead of opting out .

" Many resign . That smart anymore . Because he said , low remuneration , " I'm the Director General of Taxation , Fuad Rahmany , met at the Parliament House , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

For information , remuneration is the total compensation received by employees in return for services she had done. Usually form of remuneration associated with rewards in the form of money ( monetary rewards ) , or can be interpreted also as a wage or salary .
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But unfortunately , when asked how many tax officials who resigned , Fuad said he did not hold the exact figure . " But it 's not about the amount , but that 's the clever-clever resign , because behavior in private , " said Fuad .

He also said he could not force employees who were smart to survive in the DGT . " His salary more big in private , they go all out , " he said .

The last two years Fuad requested that DGT can add employees . At least 10,000 per year . However, realization DJP only get an additional 2,000 people . "It's right mustinya 20,000 , 18,000 means a lack of what I needed , " he said .

The addition of tax officials is important to remember the sources of tax revenue being lackluster , such as the mining sector , and exports following the economic slowdown . The source of tax revenue that can be extracted is an individual taxpayer ( OP ) .

" Most of the OP , as in Pondok Indah , in Kebayoran , in Menteng . That is until now the DGT has not been able to get significant tax revenue from the OP . The main factor is the DGT infrastructure , " said Fuad about sources of tax revenue that can still be explored .

" Infrastructure that includes the person, including tax office , including its budget is too small . So it can not pursue the OP . OP was after him person to person you know, so it took officers , "he added .

Due to the economic slowdown and the slipping of a number of macro assumptions , the government revised the tax revenue target . In the Draft State Budget Amendment ( Proposed Revised ) 2014 tax payments fell to Rp 50.39 trillion . Tax revenues slipped to USD 1059.79 trillion from Rp 1110.19 billion in Budget 2014. DGT was thinking about how to reach the target with new sources of tax revenue that could be optimized .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doubts Timses Chairman JK Consider the Jokowi Already Obsolete

Chairman of the winning team - mate Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) on the 2014 Presidential Election , Tjahjo Kumolo , said that the statement which had banned JK Jokowi to go forward as a presidential candidate is old story . According to him , JK statement when it was not in accordance with the current political situation .

" I have not seen , but it was JK spontaneous statement at the beginning of Jokowi lead and fix the city , " said Tjahjo Parliament Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Tjahjo explained , JK assessment of the past and present have Jokowi different . JK deems reasonable doubt Jokowi at the age of leadership as Jakarta governor had just two months .
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However , at this time , said Tjahjo , Jokowi has chalked many achievements during the nearly two years leading capital . That way , there is very reasonable agreement between Jokowi and JK for forward pairs in the presidential election this year .

" Kan now there is a progress report from Mr. Jokowi , so baseball is a problem . Statement ( JK ) it was baseball valid , " he said .

Secretary General of the PDI - P did not want to speculate why the JK statement raised back to the surface . However , Tjahjo sure , Jokowi - JK relations remain harmonious and there will be an impact on electability both at election time later .

Previously , JK claimed had banned Jokowi to run for the presidency . The ban was announced only two months when Jokowi was Governor of DKI Jakarta . At that time , said JK , Jokowi rumored it will be used as a candidate by the PDI - P . However , because there are still two months of serving governor , JK assume Jokowi not deserve .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Jokowi Not Inspected TransJakarta Bus Problem, It Said Attorney General

Investigators are examining Attorney General Michael Ben as a witness as judged familiar with the suspect Udar Pristono .

Udar Pristono former Jakarta Kadishub explained earlier , Jokowi has intervened in the procurement approval TransJakarta bus .

AGO has determined the existence of alleged corruption in the procurement of TransJakarta $ 1.5 trillion . Attorney General , Arief Basrif not want to Jokowi direct examination as a witness .

'' Yes like this, Udar issues relating to the results of the examination concerned themselves up to yesterday 's , not checks or virtually no concerns to Mr. Jokowi , '' he said , Friday ( 23/5 ) .
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Only a statement about the results of the examination itself that regard introductions Udar him with Ben . '' Remarks Mr. Udar yesterday , I read from the BAP , that he really know at Ben but had nothing to do with TransJakarta , '' said Basrief .

Basrief said , Udar admitted , when the governor was out of the room with the governor . Then , there was Ben who happened to be outside . '' This information BAP yes , I should emphasize this is , '' he said .

As a result , Basrief asserted , corruption TransJakarta bus procurement for fiscal year 2013 does not have anything to do with national politics .

'' So there is nothing to all sorts of political plugs , we will professionally and proportionately . Provide the opportunity for investigators to reveal this case , '' he said .

Already four people are named as a suspect corruption TransJakarta ie , Udar Pristono , Prawoto , Drajat Adhyaksa and Setyo Tuhu .

The four were allegedly involved in corruption Busway Bus Fleet Procurement of Rp 1 trillion and Procurement Buses for Regular Public Transport Upgrades worth Rp 500 billion by the Jakarta Transportation Agency Fiscal Year 2013.

AGO yet to make an arrest Udar Pristono , Prawoto , but Drajat Adhyaksa and Setyo Tuhu already arrested Monday (12 /5) . In this case , Udar reluctant to get stuck into the suspect alone . According to the Governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo know this procurement project .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Commission Announces Test Results Health-vice presidential candidates May 24, 2014

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) will announce the results of the presidential candidate 's health and vice-presidential candidate made ​​specialist team on May 24, 2014 . Decision whether or not the pair escaped presidential -vice undergo medical tests be duly authorized medical team . " The doctor who determines whether or not . We just received the final results , " said a member of the Commission , Ferry Kurnia Rizkiansyah , Installation Medical Check Up at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Ferry said that , if there is one of the vice - presidential spouse who otherwise do not qualify for medical examination , the Commission gave three days for the coalition parties bearers -vice presidential candidate to replace him .
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He emphasized that the Commission did not have the right to tamper with results of a doctor's examination . " The May 24-26 period fixes , the new Commission dated May 31 pair -vice presidential candidate officially become a candidate , " he said .

Furthermore , said Ferry , vice president- pair is scheduled to take the serial number on June 1, 2014 . After that , they will make a statement on the declaration of integrity campaign June 3, 2014 . " They're going to start a campaign on June 4 to July 5, 2014 . During it , we will hold a vice - presidential debate , two times for the presidency , twice for vice president , and a time to pair up , " he said .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wait Police Medical Examination Padjadjaran University Student from Malaysia

West Java Police Chief Insp Gen Mochamad Iriawan Padjadjaran Bandung suspect a Malaysian student was sexually assaulted by some of the actors then dumped the victim in Lembang , West Bandung regency .

"While it was alleged , but our medical examination results , " said the police chief told reporters in London on Tuesday ( 20/5 ) . He said police are still awaiting the medical examination report in the victim's condition .

However , the police chief stated there is most likely victims sexually assaulted . " Most likely it is , It is most likely true , but we are the result of the doctor yes , " he said .

He expressed based on the information you have gathered the incident began when the victim to an ATM where Jatinangor , Sumedang .
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Unknown person , police chief came up to the victim and then drugged her unconscious victim and do not know what has been done perpetrators .

" Sedated after it could no longer remember , there may be two , three people . We do not yet know how many people , " said the police chief .

Previously known victims student Padjadjaran Malasyia initials JS origin was found by residents in a state lying in the center of the sales of souvenirs , Cikole , District Lembang , Monday ( 19/5 ) morning .

Residents took the victim to the police station Lembang , then taken to the hospital for medical treatment .

Condition of the victim is still hospitalized and still more difficult to complete questioning by the police .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

"The attitude of the Democratic Mirror Medium Neutral Public Punished"

Political analyst from Gadjah Mada University , Ari Dwipayana , positive rate if the Democrats chose neutral in the upcoming presidential election . The move , according to him , can fix the internal party of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono 's .

" This neutral attitude mirrors that Democrats were publicly punished , " said Ari Kompas.com when contacted on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Even so , Ari convinced that the Democrats were able to perform the role of the opposition as it has a strong support base . Democrats can be trusted to balance the future government .
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According to Ari , the role of the opposition is not a taboo in politics . It has been proved by the PDI-P during the last 10 years . "It has been proven at the PDI - P , 10 years out of government is not necessarily can not win the election , " said Ari .

Separately , a political analyst from the University of Muhammadiyah Kupang , Atang Ahmad , as quoted by Antara , judging that the choice of the Democratic Party to become the opposition would be more honorable and dignified than chasing power in the hands of others , but not necessarily .

" It can be ascertained that the Democrats are not going to the two existing shafts and also not possible to form a new shaft . Then step ( become ) more respectable opponents rather than chasing power in the hands of others that may not be , " said Ahmad .

According to him , the attitude of the Democratic Party shows that the party is more mature in playing position in the presidential election . " Democrats are more calm , mature , and elegant in playing position in the presidential election , and Golkar just the opposite , " said Ahmad .

Nevertheless, he predicts , will be the opposition Democrats loyal to the administration the next five years . Loyal opposition , that is still correct , but the Democrats do not take the fight against any government policy .

Democratic Party has not taken a final decision related party coalition ahead of the presidential election . However, the majority of participants want the party's national leadership to be neutral .

" Preferences in rapimnas Democrats are not in favor , in the sense of not joining any camp , good fastness Mr. Jokowi or Pak Prabowo , " Yudhoyono said .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bribery Lutfi Hasan, Managing Director Indoguna Sentenced 2 Years 3 Months Prison

President Director of PT Indoguna Main Mary Elizabeth Liman was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months imprisonment plus a fine of Rp 100 million subsidiary of 3 months imprisonment in the alleged bribery beef import quota arrangements . Court Judge of Corruption (Corruption ) Jakarta judge Elizabeth proved to bribe former president of the Prosperous Justice Party , Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq , amounting to USD 1.3 billion by Ahmad fathanah .

" Passing , Elizabeth was legally declared corruption together . Dropping criminal dikurangin 2 years and 3 months for defendants in custody , " said Chief Judge Edi Purnomo Santoso when reading the verdict at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .
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In a damning judgment , the judge assesses Elizabeth does not support the government in fighting corruption . Meanwhile , mitigating , Elizabeth , as leader of the company is still considered dependents of employees to be polite during the trial , and the elderly .

The judge explained , first met Elizabeth fathanah and ask for help to PT Indoguna can get extra quota beef imports in the Ministry of Agriculture ( Ministry of Agriculture ) . Previously , the petition beef import quota by PT Indoguna always rejected by the Ministry of Agriculture .

Fathanah was agreed that the request for claiming to know close to Lutfi , who was then President of the MCC and members of Parliament . In addition , the Minister of Agriculture Suswono also an MCC cadres .

Elizabeth Rogan bribe to influence Suswono to add the beef import quota for PT Indoguna Main . After that , Elizabeth also ask for help on fathanah through Elda Devianne Adiningrat to be reunited with Lutfi . Elizabeth finally met Lutfi .

During the meeting , Lutfi agreed the request to be reunited with Elizabeth Suswono . The next meeting , fathanah said Elizabeth Rogan will help in obtaining additional quota beef imports . Lutfi finally bring Elizabeth to Suswono . The meeting was conducted on the sidelines of Safari Propagation MCC in Medan , North Sumatra , January 2013 . However , prior to the meeting , had asked Elizabeth fathanah by Elda in order to provide USD 300 million MCC activity . Elizabeth agreed to it and gave the money through Elda .

" Defendant as president persuaded the efforts made ​​Elda , Ahmad Lutfi Hasan Ishaq fathanah and are as capable as increasing the quota beef imports PT Indoguna with certain benefits , " the judge said Anwar .

Finally agreed , if the addition of meat import quotas for PT Indoguna approved as much as 8000 tons , Elizabeth Rogan willing to provide fee of Rp 5,000 per kilogram , or a total of Rp 40 billion . Elizabeth then handed over USD 1 billion through the PT Abdi Effendi Indoguna Arya and Director of Human Resources and General Affairs PT Indoguna Juard to Lutfi Effendi through fathanah . However , Elizabeth denied the money he gave to Lutfi fathanah through the addition of import quotas for beef . " According to the panel already occurred submission USD 1.3 billion through fathanah Ahmad , " said the judge .

Elizabeth was convicted of corruption charges as the first . Elizabeth considered to violate Article 5 paragraph 1 letter a of Law Number 31 Year 1999 on Eradication of Corruption , as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph ( 1 ) of the Criminal Code to - 1 . The sentence was lighter than the prosecutor demands of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) . Elizabeth previously required 4 years 6 months in prison and a fine of Rp 200 million .

Against the verdict , Elizabeth and his legal team stated thinkin to appeal . Likewise, the public prosecutor KPK . " Perhaps think about it , " said Elizabeth .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Merapi Evacuation Line Repair Do I Accelerated

Rising status of Mount Merapi from normal levels to be vigilant not to make repairs damaged accelerated evacuation route . Repair damaged evacuation route is scheduled in June.

Repairing the actual evacuation route plan has been included in the rehabilitation and reconstruction after the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 . Disaster Management Agency ( BNPB ) has disbursed Rp 37 billion budget for the evacuation route improvements , repair barracks , and the re procuring dairy cows .
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Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Sleman district , Dwi Julisetiono Wasito , said the evacuation route improvements are still in the process of the auction . The auction winner will be known in mid-May and repairs began in June.

" We have to follow the rules of the auction process through planning consultants that despite the increase in the status of Merapi , repairs can not be accelerated , " he said BPBDs Sleman met at the office on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Acceleration lane improvements evacuation of residents in disaster-prone areas ( KRB ) , said Julisetiono , can only be done by a special fund emergency response .

However , existing funds for repairs only from BNPB . Because of these conditions , an improvement over relying only backfill sand and stone .

Damage evacuation paths triggered many truck tonnage mineral deposits that exceed the road . Damage evacuation route according to records BPBDs Sleman along 12 kilometers . From these figures , the road along the 7 kilometer suffered severe damage .


Moeldoko Give Baby Name Candidate Special Forces Soldiers

After a surprise inspection at the headquarters of the Special Forces Command ( Kopassus ) , TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko immediately visited the house of one of the soldiers in the Army complex at Cijantung , Friday, May 2, 2014 . , Where he gave a "special gift " for the families of soldiers .

Moeldoko arrival to the house located in a residential complex that Kopassus soldiers to see her condition Lasting Puji Santoso Infantry Captain who was on duty in Lebanon . Soldier 's wife left the task named Devi . She was 9 months pregnant .
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" The Commander Task two , keeping troop preparedness and safeguarding the welfare of soldiers . Must understand the soldiers faced . 's Pregnant mother , her husband in Lebanon , so I had to convince his wife was fine , " said Moeldoko .

Then , immediately contact Lasting Moeldoko who was in Lebanon . Communication is done via Skype using a smart phone .

" You do not worry , everything is safe fine wife . All elements of leadership attention . So you should not be affected by the conditions at the front . Greetings to all the soldiers who were there , " he said .

Then , Lasting wife , Devi , asked Moeldoko provide the name for her baby expected to be born on the 7th of May. Gladly , Moeldoko give the baby a name for the soldiers .

" I give the name Candraca , meaning the ultimate weapon of Kopassus . Was his first name , last name up , " he said . ( ren )