Saturday, April 12, 2014

Calls from Mobile CoPilot MH370, Before Plane Missing

One report said the co-pilot (kopit) on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has made a call from his cellphone as the plane flew low near Penang on March 8 morning.

"There is a call and have traced that it came from the Main Officers phones Fariq Abdul Hamid," said a source who requested anonymity as quoted by The New Straits Times.

Before the call ended without anyone answering, a telecommunications station in Penang has managed to record the data so that it appears the report.

Malaysian Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, declined to comment when asked by reporters on Saturday (12/4) on the outstanding report.

A report in a local newspaper that has not been able to determine who the person was trying to make a call using a mobile phone Fariq Kopit.
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However, the police have to investigate further on the report as a series in the details of the investigation process.


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