Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wait Police Medical Examination Padjadjaran University Student from Malaysia

West Java Police Chief Insp Gen Mochamad Iriawan Padjadjaran Bandung suspect a Malaysian student was sexually assaulted by some of the actors then dumped the victim in Lembang , West Bandung regency .

"While it was alleged , but our medical examination results , " said the police chief told reporters in London on Tuesday ( 20/5 ) . He said police are still awaiting the medical examination report in the victim's condition .

However , the police chief stated there is most likely victims sexually assaulted . " Most likely it is , It is most likely true , but we are the result of the doctor yes , " he said .

He expressed based on the information you have gathered the incident began when the victim to an ATM where Jatinangor , Sumedang .
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Unknown person , police chief came up to the victim and then drugged her unconscious victim and do not know what has been done perpetrators .

" Sedated after it could no longer remember , there may be two , three people . We do not yet know how many people , " said the police chief .

Previously known victims student Padjadjaran Malasyia initials JS origin was found by residents in a state lying in the center of the sales of souvenirs , Cikole , District Lembang , Monday ( 19/5 ) morning .

Residents took the victim to the police station Lembang , then taken to the hospital for medical treatment .

Condition of the victim is still hospitalized and still more difficult to complete questioning by the police .


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