Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DG: Employee Tax-smart Clever Many "resign"

In the middle of difficulty of adding infrastructure employee of the Directorate General of Taxation ( DGT ) , Ministry of Finance , to achieve the target of tax revenue , a tax officer instead of opting out .

" Many resign . That smart anymore . Because he said , low remuneration , " I'm the Director General of Taxation , Fuad Rahmany , met at the Parliament House , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

For information , remuneration is the total compensation received by employees in return for services she had done. Usually form of remuneration associated with rewards in the form of money ( monetary rewards ) , or can be interpreted also as a wage or salary .
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But unfortunately , when asked how many tax officials who resigned , Fuad said he did not hold the exact figure . " But it 's not about the amount , but that 's the clever-clever resign , because behavior in private , " said Fuad .

He also said he could not force employees who were smart to survive in the DGT . " His salary more big in private , they go all out , " he said .

The last two years Fuad requested that DGT can add employees . At least 10,000 per year . However, realization DJP only get an additional 2,000 people . "It's right mustinya 20,000 , 18,000 means a lack of what I needed , " he said .

The addition of tax officials is important to remember the sources of tax revenue being lackluster , such as the mining sector , and exports following the economic slowdown . The source of tax revenue that can be extracted is an individual taxpayer ( OP ) .

" Most of the OP , as in Pondok Indah , in Kebayoran , in Menteng . That is until now the DGT has not been able to get significant tax revenue from the OP . The main factor is the DGT infrastructure , " said Fuad about sources of tax revenue that can still be explored .

" Infrastructure that includes the person, including tax office , including its budget is too small . So it can not pursue the OP . OP was after him person to person you know, so it took officers , "he added .

Due to the economic slowdown and the slipping of a number of macro assumptions , the government revised the tax revenue target . In the Draft State Budget Amendment ( Proposed Revised ) 2014 tax payments fell to Rp 50.39 trillion . Tax revenues slipped to USD 1059.79 trillion from Rp 1110.19 billion in Budget 2014. DGT was thinking about how to reach the target with new sources of tax revenue that could be optimized .


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