Friday, May 2, 2014

Merapi Evacuation Line Repair Do I Accelerated

Rising status of Mount Merapi from normal levels to be vigilant not to make repairs damaged accelerated evacuation route . Repair damaged evacuation route is scheduled in June.

Repairing the actual evacuation route plan has been included in the rehabilitation and reconstruction after the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 . Disaster Management Agency ( BNPB ) has disbursed Rp 37 billion budget for the evacuation route improvements , repair barracks , and the re procuring dairy cows .
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Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Sleman district , Dwi Julisetiono Wasito , said the evacuation route improvements are still in the process of the auction . The auction winner will be known in mid-May and repairs began in June.

" We have to follow the rules of the auction process through planning consultants that despite the increase in the status of Merapi , repairs can not be accelerated , " he said BPBDs Sleman met at the office on Friday ( 2/5 ) .

Acceleration lane improvements evacuation of residents in disaster-prone areas ( KRB ) , said Julisetiono , can only be done by a special fund emergency response .

However , existing funds for repairs only from BNPB . Because of these conditions , an improvement over relying only backfill sand and stone .

Damage evacuation paths triggered many truck tonnage mineral deposits that exceed the road . Damage evacuation route according to records BPBDs Sleman along 12 kilometers . From these figures , the road along the 7 kilometer suffered severe damage .


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