Friday, May 23, 2014

Jokowi Not Inspected TransJakarta Bus Problem, It Said Attorney General

Investigators are examining Attorney General Michael Ben as a witness as judged familiar with the suspect Udar Pristono .

Udar Pristono former Jakarta Kadishub explained earlier , Jokowi has intervened in the procurement approval TransJakarta bus .

AGO has determined the existence of alleged corruption in the procurement of TransJakarta $ 1.5 trillion . Attorney General , Arief Basrif not want to Jokowi direct examination as a witness .

'' Yes like this, Udar issues relating to the results of the examination concerned themselves up to yesterday 's , not checks or virtually no concerns to Mr. Jokowi , '' he said , Friday ( 23/5 ) .
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Only a statement about the results of the examination itself that regard introductions Udar him with Ben . '' Remarks Mr. Udar yesterday , I read from the BAP , that he really know at Ben but had nothing to do with TransJakarta , '' said Basrief .

Basrief said , Udar admitted , when the governor was out of the room with the governor . Then , there was Ben who happened to be outside . '' This information BAP yes , I should emphasize this is , '' he said .

As a result , Basrief asserted , corruption TransJakarta bus procurement for fiscal year 2013 does not have anything to do with national politics .

'' So there is nothing to all sorts of political plugs , we will professionally and proportionately . Provide the opportunity for investigators to reveal this case , '' he said .

Already four people are named as a suspect corruption TransJakarta ie , Udar Pristono , Prawoto , Drajat Adhyaksa and Setyo Tuhu .

The four were allegedly involved in corruption Busway Bus Fleet Procurement of Rp 1 trillion and Procurement Buses for Regular Public Transport Upgrades worth Rp 500 billion by the Jakarta Transportation Agency Fiscal Year 2013.

AGO yet to make an arrest Udar Pristono , Prawoto , but Drajat Adhyaksa and Setyo Tuhu already arrested Monday (12 /5) . In this case , Udar reluctant to get stuck into the suspect alone . According to the Governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo know this procurement project .


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