Friday, May 2, 2014

Moeldoko Give Baby Name Candidate Special Forces Soldiers

After a surprise inspection at the headquarters of the Special Forces Command ( Kopassus ) , TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko immediately visited the house of one of the soldiers in the Army complex at Cijantung , Friday, May 2, 2014 . , Where he gave a "special gift " for the families of soldiers .

Moeldoko arrival to the house located in a residential complex that Kopassus soldiers to see her condition Lasting Puji Santoso Infantry Captain who was on duty in Lebanon . Soldier 's wife left the task named Devi . She was 9 months pregnant .
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" The Commander Task two , keeping troop preparedness and safeguarding the welfare of soldiers . Must understand the soldiers faced . 's Pregnant mother , her husband in Lebanon , so I had to convince his wife was fine , " said Moeldoko .

Then , immediately contact Lasting Moeldoko who was in Lebanon . Communication is done via Skype using a smart phone .

" You do not worry , everything is safe fine wife . All elements of leadership attention . So you should not be affected by the conditions at the front . Greetings to all the soldiers who were there , " he said .

Then , Lasting wife , Devi , asked Moeldoko provide the name for her baby expected to be born on the 7th of May. Gladly , Moeldoko give the baby a name for the soldiers .

" I give the name Candraca , meaning the ultimate weapon of Kopassus . Was his first name , last name up , " he said . ( ren )


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