Monday, March 31, 2014

Twitter password is More Valuable than Credit Cards

Stolen Twitter accounts can now be more valuable to hackers , rather than credit card details . Access to social media accounts such as Twitter could be worth more with prices ranging from USD16 to more than USD325 . (see also: waptrick)

This is because social media can give you instructions on how to access other aspects of an online identity of the victim . " Social media and other credentials , including usernames and passwords , can often be used as an entry point for launching an attack on the victim's account in a number of other sites , " said Juniper Networks security expert , Michael Callahan , as reported by the Telegraph , Monday ( 31/3 / 2014 ) .

Callahan explained that a number of people tend to use the user name and password are the same , so if one account hacked then the hacker can gain more valuable information such as online banking account or e - commerce . For example , he said , if someone's account information on a website is stolen , criminals may be able to access information on the victims of 10 other sites .

" Theft of individual account information can be used as a ' weapon ' account outwit friends, family , and co-workers for additional financial gain , " he continued .
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Therefore , he advised users internet service to use a different password on every site . At least if one accounts hacked , the hacker can not access all of the user's digital life . In addition , users are also advised to be wary of links sent by strangers via email .

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