Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vision Mission Jokowi-related Labor JK Considered More Realistic

Vision Mission Jokowi-related Labor JK Considered More Realistic

Vision mission candidate Joko Widodo and his deputy, Jusuf Kalla, relating to workers' welfare is considered more realistic to achieve. Chief, Division of Trade Union Rights Advocacy Centre (TURC) Dina Ardianti rate, vision and mission Jokowi-Kalla more detail, and shows the role of the state in the fight for workers' welfare.
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"Version Jokowi more realistic due to take the role of housing and transportation, the state budget, there is a commitment to it," said Dina in Jakarta, Saturday (07/06/2014).

He compares the vision-mission Jokowi Kalla candidate with the vision and mission / other running mate, Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa. To the workers, the couple promises three courses worth, namely decent work, decent wages and decent living. While Prabowo-Hatta promised to meet the demands of the workers and people ten or spultura. According to Dina, who promised Prabowo spultura-Hatta difficult to realize. "Spultura was very labor once and not easy to do," he continued.

The program, rated Dina, more reliant on contracts between employers and workers. According to him, there is no government intervention if it refers to the promised spultura Prabowo-Hatta.

"The program spultura back banging workers with employers, it is hard, is not good for the workers and the investment climate," he continued.

Dina also assess, track records of candidates for President / Vice President to consider. For the workers, he said, required presidential / vice presidential candidate who does not have a background of repression against the workers.

"Because the workers get their rights through struggle, demonstrations, action and repressive regime, how the future of labor?" she said.

On the same occasion, Migrant Care activist Wahyu Susilo expression matching. According to him, the vision-mission Jokowi Kalla more leverage in the fight for workers' welfare.

Jokowi-Kalla, he said, promising to fight for the protection of workers through diplomacy abroad. They promise to put lawyers in every Indonesian embassy to deal with the problem of Indonesian citizens abroad, including Indonesian workers (TKI).

"The second candidate on foreign policy commitments diplomsi protection of migrant groups. Migrant workers are marginalized groups who should get the maximum protection," he said.

In addition, Revelation says, the pair promised efforts to improve workers' welfare through legislation or legislation.

"Reducing the role bsinis sector which has been the exploitation of migrant workers group. Clearly his vision which has the perspective of migrant workers," he continued.

However, Revelation and Dina remind people to collect the presidential and vice presidential promises if elected later. Both also asked the presidential / vice presidential realize their promises to improve the welfare of workers.


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